Friday, December 21, 2012

Houston (San Diego?), we have contact!

Well, I talked to one of the ladies who works at the surrogacy center I want to use (Modern Family Surrogacy Center). She gave me a run-down on how the process goes, sort of a "What to Expect When You're Expecting For Somebody Else" (compensation, paperwork, medications, getting "Matched" with a couple, the IVF procedure, etc. I will have to wait a while to start the process since I have to have been done breastfeeding for a couple of months before I can get started on the paperwork to apply but that works for me because I need to give my body a little longer than 3 months to recover from having Aaron. Plus, I have my first semester of college coming up and have some things going on in June that I need to be not pregnant for. On top of that, I need to lose some of my baby weight and get to a healthy un-pregnant weight first, but that probably falls under recovering from having a baby. LOL The phone call did answer the question of whether I can be a surrogate while taking my thyroid medication (I can, since my dosage is established and I've been on the same dosage of the same medication for 2 pregnancies now and haven't had any problems or complications).

All in all, I'm even more excited now and I'm sure that this is something I want to do. My uterus was made for having babies and I love the idea of using that gift to help others.

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