Friday, September 6, 2013

Not really an update

Not a lot has been happening on my end of things as far as surrogacy goes. I'm still waiting to hear from the fertility clinic to schedule my medical screening. They've talked to my IP's again so I'm hoping now that they have a better idea of how to progress with them, they'll get in touch with me pretty soon. I'd really love to get the medical screening done by the end of the month and get in contract by the end of October. I did finally hear back from the Insurance company that my application has been passed on to the underwriters. Wait and see, wait and see. I hear there's a lot of that with surrogacy. ;)

In the meantime, school has started back up for me. This semester, I'm taking English 2 (Composition and Critical Thinking), Political Science 1 (Intro to American Government), Digital Photography, and Black&White Photography. I've also met with an adviser at the college and decided to change my Nursing major to English, making me a double major in English and Photography. I've come to the conclusion that I can achieve my goal (involvement in the Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorder community with a goal of increasing awareness and education, as well as supporting those with/survivors of PPMD) just as well with an English/Photography major and a Doula certification as I can by becoming a nurse. Maybe even better because with nursing, there's no guarantee that I would be able to get into a job that would allow me to work with that community; as a Doula, I will be working in the pregnancy/birth/postpartum community. English/Photography would allow me to target writing, speaking, advocacy work, etc. Anyways, I suck at science and math so this is a very logical change for me. I have appointments next week to do a new Veterans Ed Plan and then to turn that in to the VA Rep at my school so the VA can certify me for the change in major and change in classes.

I'm pretty excited about the new things coming my way. There are some other exciting opportunities heading down the pipeline but I can't talk about them yet so I'll settle for this little teaser. ;)